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  1. To pay for booking at least 24 hours before arrival. Payments must correspond with the amount stated on the invoice
  2. To pay a refundable security deposit. The deposit will be refunded within 24hrs after checkout once its confirmed that there is no loss or damage to the apartment, its fixtures or items within.
  3. Check-out time is 12 noon. A fee of 5% (of the apartment rate) per hour applies for late check-out.
  4. That primary guest shall provide a proper means of identification which may be their international passport of issued by the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  5. That booking cancellation shall be done at least 48 hours before arrival; failure to give adequate notice shall attract a deduction of one night’s rate before refund.
  6. That where for any reason the apartment ceases to be available or becomes unsuitable, Tenny’s place reserves the absolute discretion to cancel the booking.
  7. That all extensions are subject to availability. Occupant shall give at least 2 (Two) days prior notice to the management.
  8. To occupy the apartment for a minimum of 5 (five) nights.
  9. That discounts and complimentary nights are only valid and applicable to long staying occupants, as long as the occupant’s payments are in credit. i.e. where no outstanding payments are owed.
  10. That a maximum of 2 (Two) Adults are allowed to occupy each bedroom of the apartment.
  11. That Housekeeping of the apartment shall be done after three nights; any other cleaning shall be subject to an extra cost.
  12. That only one car parking space shall be the allocation for each of the apartments; and visitors shall park their vehicles outside the premises.
  13. That smoking is not permitted with the apartment. It must be done only within the designated smoking areas.
  14. That the use, possession, or distribution of hard drugs within the apartment and its premises is strictly PROHIBITED. Occupants found to be in violation of this clause shall be subject to immediate eviction.
  15. That pets are not allowed in the apartment and on the premises.
  16. To ensure that all electrical, plumbing and other of such utilities must be turned off when not in use.
  17. To use the apartment for residential purpose only; not to use it for any illegal, prohibited, illicit or immoral purpose.
  18. Not to use the apartment or its premises for any form of gambling, political gathering, or any public spiritual/religious activity.
  19. To have reasonable knowledge and skill to use the pool and other recreational facilities as they are unsupervised.
  20. To be solely responsible or liable for any medical/health emergencies that may arise during the occupancy period.
  21. To solely responsible for the security and safety of any highly priced valuable property or possessions not declared for safekeeping during their occupancy.
  22. Occupants are allowed to host friends but must comply with the following rules which are;
    1. The Occupant must inform the management of Tenny’s Place Apartment at least three nights before the event.
    2. That there must be no loud noise or pandemonium as a result of the hosting.
    3. That friends are to remain within the apartment and not loiter within the premises.
    4. That all hosting should end by 10:00pm.
    5. That the “Occupant” is responsible for any damages that may arise from the hosting.
    6. The “Occupant” is responsible for the conduct and behaviour of their visitors.
    7. The “occupant” must have been a guest of Tenny’s Place Apartment for at least three nights prior to the hosting.
  23. To allow our staff or workmen at all reasonable times to enter and check/carryout repairs in the apartment.
  24. To treat Tenny’s Place staff with respect; not to request or compel staff to engage in errands, including tasks outside the apartment premises, during their working hours.
  25. That upon any breach of any of the mentioned points, this agreement shall be deemed terminated.
  26. Where there is a breach of this agreement by the Occupant, the Manager reserves the rights to re-enter apartment and retake possession.
  27. To peaceably surrender the apartment keys upon expiration of occupant’s booking.


  1. The provisions of this agreement are independent of each other, and as such where any of the provisions in this agreement is determined to be valid, void or enforceable, that shall not affect the validity of other provisions of this agreement.
  2. No alteration or modification of this agreement shall have any effect unless such alteration or modification is in writing and signed by both parties and witnessed.
  3. The validity, interpretation or enforcement of this agreement or any valid amendment thereof shall be governed in accordance with the applicable local news and laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  4. This Agreement shall be binding on all the parties, their assigns, representatives and successor- in-title. Subject to the provisions of this agreement, this agreement shall not confer any rights upon any person other than a party to this agreement.
  5. This Agreement shall constitute the entire Agreement and understanding between the parties hereto and subject to any amendments and the terms represent the entire agreement between the parties and exclude liability for any representations made verbally which might otherwise be incorporated as part of the contract between the Occupant and Tenny’s Place Apartment.

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Caution Deposit
NOTE: A caution deposit of 20% of the room rate would be required as deposit (to be paid upon arrival at the apartment) against any damages/loss to apartment property during your stay at Tenny’s Place. Deposit would be refunded within 48hrs of check-out upon confirmation that no damage/loss to apartment property occurred during your stay.
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This website uses cookies to ensure that you get the best experience.
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