About Tenny's Place Apartments

Tenny's Place Apartments is here to make you ask yourself one of the most important question when looking for a place to stay…. “Why stay in a hotel when I can get so much more?”.

Tenny’s Place is a Nigerian Business that operates multiple short-let apartments, offering premium comfort to guests from all over the world.

Established in 2017, We’ve had the privilege of hosting hundreds of guests from all over the world visiting Nigeria’s Federal Capital City for business, leisure, medical and more.

Our apartments vary from 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms across the city and boast of all the necessary fittings, fixtures and amenities needed to make every guest feel right at home. 

Whether your in Abuja for Government patronage or fun about the town; there’s a Tenny’s Place Apartment close to you.

Holla at us and let’s help make your stay in Abuja a memorable one.

Tenny's Place Apartments

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